The $2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild America


President Joe Biden proposed the largest investment in American infrastructure since World War II at the end of March, introduced by Mike Fiore, a member of Pittsburgh Local 29. Four weeks later he renewed his call for the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan from the House floor, again with the IBEW at the heart of his pitch.


IBEW Steps in to Rescue Ohio Solar Project


When the developers of a large solar farm in Ohio needed help getting a nonunion project finished, they turned to IBEW members from Cincinnati, where Local 212 stood ready to pick up the slack.


IBEW Mobilizing Helps Kill Right-to-Work in New Hampshire, for Now


Following months of phone calls, emails and text messages from IBEW members in New Hampshire, Democrats and Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives voted last Thursday to reject yet another attempt to enact a so-called “right-to-work” law.


From Tourism to Tool Belts: Post-COVID Opportunities for Women in New Orleans


The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality industries particularly hard, leaving cities like New Orleans with sky-high unemployment rates among the women who make up the majority of workers in those sectors. But opportunities await those women in another field with higher wages and benefits to boot: construction.


Hollywood Local Offers New Opportunities to Members During Pandemic


The coronavirus has forced millions into unemployment, with many wondering what their next steps should — or even could — be. For two members of Hollywood, Calif., Local 40, the answer came right from their local union.


BC Local's Inclusion Efforts Take Off


When Kamloops, British Columbia, Local 993 member Alison Klie got to the Royal Inland Hospital jobsite, she saw something very different from just about every other job she'd been to in her 10-year career: another woman.


How this IBEW Member is Creating a Chorus of Allies

As a black woman working in the construction trades starting in the 1970s, #IBEW​ sister Donna Hammond faced many adversaries. But she gained many allies and now she's working to build an #IBEW​ that's open to all workers.