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OSHA Requests Information on Table 1 of the Silica Standard for Construction

OSHA has issued a request for information (RFI) on Table 1 of its Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction.  

Specifically, OSHA is requesting information on: 

  • effectiveness of engineering and work practice control methods not currently included for the tasks and equipment listed on Table 1;

  • tasks and equipment involving exposure to respirable crystalline silica that are not currently listed on Table 1, along with information on the effectiveness of engineering and work practice control methods in limiting worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica when performing those tasks; and

  • additional circumstances for which it would be appropriate to permit employers covered by the silica standards for general industry and maritime to comply with the silica standard for construction.

The information submitted will allow OSHA to consider new developments and enhanced control methods for equipment that generates exposures to silica, and provide additional data on exposures to silica from equipment and tasks using a variety of control methods under different workplace conditions. 

Comments must be submitted by November 13, 2019. Comments and materials may be submitted electronically at , the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal, or by facsimile or mail.

Please contact the IBEW Safety Department if you have any questions.

About the IBEW Safety Caucus:

The IBEW convenes an exclusive IBEW only safety caucus annually. The safety caucus provides IBEW members that attend the caucus necessary time to discuss issues that are critical in furthering occupational safety and health for IBEW members.

International President Stephenson continues to affirm the commitment from his office to the future of the caucus, and directs delegates to align their focus toward an advisory role to the international office on safety matters affecting IBEW members.

For more information about the meetings or the NSC, you may contact IBEW Safety Director David Mullen at 202-728-6040 or 

About the Safety & Health Department:

The Safety and Health Department is assigned responsibilities related to safety and health involving all trade jurisdictions of the IBEW. The department’s primary focus is occupational safety, although home, community, and personal safety and health issues frequently require departmental attention.

Local unions are required to report serious lost time accidents and fatalities using the web based accident reporting system.


Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness
Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness