IBEW Partners with Child Safety Program


It’s a horrible time when a child is reported missing or abducted – a scenario parents understandably don’t want to think about much.

N.C. GOP Pushing Constitutional Right-to-Work


North Carolina adopted its right-to-work law in 1947, the same year the Taft-Hartley Act, which empowered states to curb the sources of union funding, passed the U.S. Congress. No move to repeal it has gained any noticeable momentum since.

Supreme Court to Decide Future of Public Sector Unions


On June 6, the same anti-worker groups who brought a 2015 California union-busting case to the Supreme Court petitioned the justices to weigh in on an eerily similar case, this time out of Illinois. At issue – again – is whether public employees can be compelled to pay “fair share” fees to a union to cover the costs of collective bargaining and representation performed on their behalf.

IBEW Teams Up to Help Protect Your Child

The IBEW and the National Child ID program are teaming up to provide parents and caregivers the tools they need to help keep their children safe.