Water. Rest. Shade: How You Can Avoid Dangerous Heat-Related Illnesses on the Job


It’s that time of year again. The days get longer. The sun rides higher in the sky. And heat-related illnesses start claiming lives and sending working people to hospitals at alarming rates.


Final Steps in Place for ‘True-up’ Arbitration After Railroad Members Ratify Agreement


IBEW railroad branch members covered under the U.S. National Freight Agreement ratified the proposed 2015-2019 contract in May, International President Lonnie Stephenson announced, and arbitration is set to resolve the few remaining issues.


New Study: Americans Believe in Unions


A majority of people view the role of unions as a good thing, says new research from Pew, and that’s good for working families everywhere.


IBEW Joins ‘Just Transition’ Task Force for Coal Workers


The IBEW has been tapped to join a task force created by the Trudeau government to assist coal workers and communities with Canada’s transition away from coal-fired power plants.


Training the Next Generation of Energy Workers


America desperately needs more skilled utility workers. See how the IBEW is partnering with one of the South's biggest energy companies to train the next generation of power workers.