New Manufacturing Charter in Iowa Aims to Make Member Service Easier

In September, the IBEW welcomed Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Local 1974 as one of the union’s newest chartered locals, representing hundreds of workers making mission-critical military and GPS products equipment.

Nebraska Local Helps Manufacturing Plant Get $70 Million Investment

Lincoln, Neb., Local 2366 members have been working at Schneider Electric for the past 50 years, but the coronavirus pandemic created an opportunity for the manufacturing plant’s workers to show just how essential they really are. And it helped spur a $70 million investment by the company.

Take Our Jobs to Mexico? Massachusetts Members Fight Back

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and other Massachusetts political heavyweights joined hundreds of IBEW members on the state’s South Coast May 12 to rally against the outsourcing of more than 150 local jobs to Mexico.

$100 Billion Semiconductor Plant Is 'Erie Canal Moment' for IBEW, New York Economy

For two years, Syracuse, N.Y., Local 43 Business Manager Alan Marzullo was part of a small group working with state and civic leaders to convince Micron Technology to build a new semiconductor facility in their community.

IBEW Members Finish Work on World’s Most Powerful Telescope, send it to Texas to Prepare for 2018 Launch

After more than a decade of planning and construction –and watchful attempts at destruction—the most advanced space telescope in history left the hands of members of Baltimore Local 1501 May 7. 

IBEW, Jobs to Move America On Track to Good Jobs in New York

The IBEW has worked successfully with Jobs to Move America to ensure public transportation projects create good paying jobs for working families in the communities they serve. The next success story might be in New York.

IBEW Helps Railcar Construction Return to Chicago’s South Side

Trains, trolleys and legendary sleeping cars rolled out of the Pullman Company’s Chicago factory for a century until it was shuttered in 1981. Its demise signified the end of railcar production in the United States.

How the Code of Excellence Increased Membership – and Profit Margins

It’s not every day that two locals from two different states help secure a new business contract for their employers – and one that leads to increased membership – but that’s what happened for Chelsea, Mass., Local 1499 and Milwaukee, Wis., Local 2150. And it’s in part because of the Code of Excellence.

IBEW Organizes Memphis, Tenn., Manufacturing Plant

The IBEW welcomed hundreds of members into the Brotherhood Sept. 27 when the workers at Electrolux’s Memphis, Tenn., plant voted by more than 2 to 1 to form a union.

Partnering for Stronger Communities, Coalition Seeks Union Jobs with Public Transit Projects

Marvin Kropke emphasizes that fighting back against difficult manufacturing trends isn’t easy, especially when it comes to keeping jobs in the United States.

Trade Deal Revealed to Much Opposition

The Obama administration finally released the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement on Nov. 5, officially kicking off the battle within his own party as he seeks congressional approval for the deal.

Montana Local Ratifies First Contract after Two-Year Fight

In March of 2013 maintenance employees at REC Silicon voted for better working conditions and respect on the job. In September 2015, they finally got it.

Bosch Security Systems Abandons Pa. Members

“I feel horrible and betrayed. It’s depressing, life-changing, stressful. What other words can I come up with?” says Deb Kubala, a 37-year member of Lancaster, Pa., Local 1666.

Ohio Manufacturing Workers Call Off Strike, Win New Contract

After two weeks on strike, Ohio IBEW members working for Schneider Electric approved a new contract Oct. 19 that locks in higher wages for veteran workers and improved compensation for newer, lower paid employees.

Calif. Manufacturing Workers Score First Contract

At Sacramento-based company Sunoptics, employees craft products that are ahead of their time – high-tech skylights that can help replace most electric lighting with natural sunlight for offices and homes.

Greenbrier Workers Join Neb. IBEW

Manufacturing workers at Greenbrier Rail Service in Hershey, Neb., are the newest members of the IBEW family after voting to join North Platte Local 1920.

IBEW Members Build — And Try to Break — The Next Hubble

NASA is betting nearly $8 billion on the skill and competence of nearly 250 members of Baltimore Local 1501, the engineers and technicians working on the James Webb Space Telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

IBEW Joins Fight Against Counterfeit Electrical Equipment

Counterfeiting. It's a crime as old as money itself. In Colonial America, currency sometimes carried the warning, "to counterfeit is death." The death sentence no longer is in effect for passing fake currency. But serious injury or death could still be the penalty for IBEW electricians and others who inadvertently install or depend upon counterfeit circuit breakers and other electrical equipment.

IBEW-Made Website Showcases Excellence

BEW pride and excellence. These qualities are packed into every lighting fixture, switch, transformer or circuit breaker produced by members of the union's manufacturing branch.

Small Chips Mean Big Jobs for Albany Local

Malta, N.Y., is perhaps best known as the lifelong home of George Crum, the inventor of the potato chip. With streets of modest homes beneath mature oak and maple trees, the small Hudson Valley town of 13,000 doesn't look like it would also be the site of one of the largest construction projects in the United States. - See more at:

Wis. Local Sees Manufacturing Success

Some of the biggest items found on the new IBEW-Made website are the two-story tall transformers made by SPX Transformer Solutions Inc., formerly Waukesha Electric Systems. The transformers, which range from 2.5-2,000 megawatts, are produced by members of Milwaukee Local 2150.

Why Spanish Train-Maker is Leaving Wis.

Sad news out of Milwaukee. Spanish train-maker Talgo is vacating its factory in the city, four years after Gov. Scott Walker rejected millions in federal stimulus money to create a Milwaukee-to-Madison commuter line.

New IBEW Ad Celebrates American Manufacturing

It can seem tougher these days to find products on store shelves that don’t have a “Made in China” label.