Biden, Sanders Split on Natural Gas with Thousands of IBEW Jobs at Stake


A bill introduced late last month by Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could cost tens of thousands of IBEW jobs and cripple a natural gas industry fueling job growth across the entire U.S.


White House Vows to Veto PRO Act’s Worker Protections


On Feb. 5 — one day before 224 members of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties voted to approve a bill to make it easier for working people to join labor unions — the White House issued a strongly worded statement opposing the measure.


IBEW-Run Gas Plant Named One of the 'Top Plants' in the World


The people who live among the lakes and forests in far northern Michigan are hardy people. Up at the northern end of Lakes Huron and Michigan, three and half hours north of Detroit, the winters are long, cold and dark.


NLRB Threatens Oregon Law Protecting Workers from Union-Bashing Captive Audience Meetings


The National Labor Relations Board is trying to kill a law unique to Oregon that prohibits employers from forcing workers to attend anti-union meetings, adding a state battle to its ferocious attacks on workers’ rights at the federal level.


IBEW 2019 Canadian Women's Conference

#IBEW women are making their voices heard. Check out what went down at the 2019 IBEW Canadian women's conference.