IBEW Congressman Promotes Apprenticeships on “This Old House”


Since taking office as New Jersey’s First District representative in Congress, Folsom, N.J., Local 351 member Donald Norcross has been one of the highest profile proponents of apprenticeships in the nation.


Cool Heads, Big Hearts Prevail as IBEW Crew Races to Help Injured Man


The scene at the construction site seemed to unfold in slow motion, shop steward Bill Cole recalls, thinking about the moments after an accident involving an unstable jersey barrier left a worker shrieking in pain


Code of Excellence Ensures Indiana Local Maintains Work at State’s Refineries


Oil refineries along Lake Michigan have been a steady source of good union jobs in Northern Indiana for generations, but they aren’t the guarantee of a comfortable, middle-class life they once were.


IBEW Helps Secure Historic Maryland Church


Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Cumberland, Md., is one of America's most historic churches, built on the foundations of Fort Cumberland where George Washington began his military career. But protecting this historic site was becoming a problem, so the church turned to the best when it